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Announcing SecureBulb - An Easy Way To Secure Your Home Without Expensive Monitoring Systems

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Sleep With A Peace of Mind Knowing Your Family Is Safe & Secure

Contains All The Premium Features Of Expensive Home Security Systems

You Can Control The SecureBulb Anywhere In The World Right From Your Smartphone!

2 Way Audio Communication

Intruders Know To Look For Advanced Security Systems… But The SecureBulb Looks Like An Ordinary Light Bulb So They’ll Never Suspect It!

SecureBulb Beats The Competition At A Fraction Of The Price

SecureBulb Takes Seconds To Install And Requires No Maintenance

Use It Anywhere There Is a Light Socket

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If you don’t absolutely love your SecureBulb, just tell us within 30 days and we will issue a complete refund.

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Our award-winning customer service is here to help, should you have any questions, concerns, or are not 100% satisfied with your SecureBulb. Just email us at support@securebulb247.com

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Top reviews from the USA

Gene H.
San Diego, California, USA - 8/27/2021

Fast setup and easy to use

The camera was fairly easy to install and set up. The video feed is clear and the app is easy to work with. I don't like the fact that the light that comes from the bulb is just a strip of light and it does not light up the hallway. It's like a dim light and the light switch has to be on in order for the light to work. I like the fact that you can do 2 way talking if you're not home. Its pretty private and no one would know there was a camera in the bulb.
Tamara A.
New York, New York, USA - 8/25/2021

Great for parents and grandparents

This works very well. I bought these as gifts for our children. You can see a very large area and it was extremely easy to set up. Before I ordered I saw someone’s review that it was a little tricky or hard to do but it was very straight forward and simple.
Jose R.
Dallas, Texas, USA - 8/29/2021

Records the whole room in hd

It works very well. It has 360 degrees view with good quality. The installation is simple and the app works perfect. The size is just a little bigger than a normal bulb. The camera doesn't interfere with your furniture, so nobody will notice that you have it. I recommend.
Anna T.
Houston, Texas, USA - 8/21/2021

Every home needs at least one!!

This seriously is one of the coolest cameras you can get...not only is the app super comprehensive and offer a ton of options, like a built in intercom, ability to turn the light on and off remotely from the app from anywhere—it also has this amazing 360 view of the entire space. This camera virtually takes the place of multiple cameras viewing from different angles and allows an amazing 360, almost 3D effect when you zoom in and out etc. I highly recommend this item to anyone.
Lisa P.
Miami, Florida, USA - 9/07/2021

Get this if you are a parent!

It took around 9 days to arrive but it was definitely worth the wait! Its a great camera for the price. It notifies you of any movement and you can even record that motion while reviewing it. But the feature I love the most is that it lets me talk to whoever is near the camera! Perfect for when I need to get the kids’ attention!! Also even for someone like me this was a breeze to install. It worked right out of the box, didn’t require a professional to install it and honestly it took me less than 60 seconds to get it up and running!
Mike L.
Hartford, Connecticut, USA - 9/05/2021

Securing my home and saving so much money

I received mine yesterday and I immediately installed one by the garage, the front door and the backyard. I love how its a normal light bulb that I can plug into any socket. But that also means nobody will suspect that it has a camera which is just what I wanted. My biggest worry was that the light would need to be on for it to record… but I quickly found out that wasnt the case. It can record without the light on and even has night vision. I love these and Im glad I decided to give them a try.
Dan R.
Chicago, Illinois, USA - 9/02/2021

Ditched my expensive security system for this and Ive never felt safer!

If you dont want to spend thousands on a home security system you really need these! I thought they were going to be some cheap gimmick but after trying one outside my garage, I came back and bought several more for the rest of my house. Now I can monitor my home right from my phone and I love it! Ive never felt safer for my family. My only concern was about how secure the data was but the SecureBulb engineers told me that since it’s connected to my WiFi, only I can access it which gave me a lot of relief.
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